The Festival Celebration

The Festival Celebration

There are various reasons why a festival is being held. Whether it is a city or a province, it celebrates a specific festival. For what reason? The main purpose is actually to celebrate that place’s culture, language and even dialects, various heritage through performances , artistic displays, activities, food, and anything that shows about the culture of the place. As tourism in each country is continually growing and the number of tourists are increasing, festivals are a good way to attract more tourists for them to experience.

It is the same with the Halifax Celtic Festival. The festival will be a celebration of the Nova Scotia Celtic cultures to be specific. Through this festival, the opportunities for the community will be enhanced. In this way, everyone will both celebrate and learn about the Celtic culture and also different languages. The Celtic community is too diverse. In order to celebrate the Celtic identity, the Celtic Cultural Society decided to have a yearly festival and it is also a good way to bring together all of the people.

Also, through this festival, the people and the whole community can have a greater knowledge of their own heritage and history. All the people from the Celtic regions can come together and become a stronger community as a whole. Though there are six distinct Celtic regions, the main goal of the Celtic Cultural Society is to have a greater connectivity between the people from  all of the Celtic regions. The people can have an opportunity to share their own culture and learn from other regions.