The Halifax Celtic Festival

The Halifax Celtic Festival

In each country, there are different festivals being celebrated. Each year, there is a specific festival being held in different places around the world. Festivals are being celebrated to commemorate something special that happened in that place. It is usually a happy and grand celebration wherein all the people can participate and it is also another way to attract tourists that are from different countries. In the Nova Scotia which is one of the Canadian provinces, there is a festival being celebrated once a year.

Then, you might ask how do they celebrate this festival. Just like other festivals around the world, it is done with dancing that entertains the audience which also shows the culture of the Scottish people. There is a dance troupe that never failed to entertain all of the audience whenever the festival is being celebrated. It is the Amethyst Scottish Dancers of Nova Scotia. There is also a music band from Newfoundland that wins the attention of their fans and their vocals and music is described as “canadiana” folk.

There are many different performers who entertain the public whenever the festival starts. Aside from the dance troupe mentioned and the Ashelin band, there are other famous performers such as Diaga Irish Dance, Jug in Hand BIO, RCMP ‘H’ Division Pipes and Drums (Nova Scotia), and many more. There are also family activities which is for all ages. Every year, Celtic foods are being featured during the festival such as the haggis burger and Irish Stew with soda bread.